Friday, February 3, 2017

Just Breathe...

Our Five Minute Friday prompt this week is—BREATHE.  We simply write for 5 minutes on a prompt and see what is created!  I've enjoyed doing these quick writings.  If you would like to give it a try, check out the Facebook page or this blog:  Kate Motaung’s site

When I think of breathing, what comes to mind this morning is the sense of smell.  Our sense of smell is a precious gift!  Today I'm thankful for all of those smells in my life that manifest themselves in the many blessings I experience.

One of the most precious smells to me is the smell of a baby.  That precious life.  The sweet smell of a baby after a bath.  But also, the smell of a dirty diaper (all's working well with the digestion), or the smell of dried on food on clothing (solid food here we come!).  I treasure these smells...from my own children, from my grandchildren, and from any baby I see!

The smell of my husband.  Sometimes he asks me if he "smells"!  AKA, "Do I need to take a shower?? " Regardless of if he needs a shower, though, he has a smell unique to him.  That wonderful smell the stirs up my love for him when we are close.  The smell of love.

The smells of nature....totally worth stopping and breathing in....freshly mown grass....the air after a in bloom....the ocean (how I miss that smell!) that have been caught...wet fur on a pet....even the manure of horses and cows.  One of my most treasured memories is of one of our granddaughters, Martha, commenting while we were on a road trip of the smell of manure as we drove by a feedlot of something (can't remember what it was)...she said, "AH, the smell of home!"  She obviously treasured that smell, and it meant more to her than messy, smelly cow poop!

What are your favorite smells?