Friday, December 16, 2016

NOW: Five Minute Friday

Going to try something different today....just a bit of brainstorming for Five Minutes on words that catch the essence of living NOW...not in the past...not in the future:

N:  New, Not planned, nicer than expected, not in control, notice other people,
O:  over the top!, open to change, over disappointment, onward, observing details, ok with it,
W:  WOW!  Wonderful!  whimsical, with those around me, win, whispers to each other, winks, winter stillness, warm coffee

Friday, December 9, 2016

JOY: Five Minute Friday

Joy.  Where does joy originate in my life?  Not from external circumstances, not from my own efforts, but from the deep assurance that I have that God is in control of my life.  If I were to rely on myself or my environment to place that joy in my heart, I would come up empty many times.
For me, real joy is deep within me.  It might not always be evident at a passing glance, but I hope that upon deeper insight, my joy is reflected in how I live my life.  Joy is not something to hoard, but rather to be shared.  Joy is contagious, joy is comforting, joy is real when your life is focused on the very real Love that Jesus has for each one of us.  
Where do you find your joy?

Friday, December 2, 2016

CRAVE: 5 Minute Friday

When I think of the word "crave" my mind often goes to those intangible things in life.  I crave time with my family, hugs, kind words, opportunities to help others, peace, joy in my soul, an atmosphere of love.
When I crave something physical, like sweets, I go hunting for something usually in the kitchen.  What is the most likely place for me to find something sweet?  Not the laundry room, not the living room, but the kitchen.  If I spend my time searching in other rooms, I will come up empty-handed, and will have wasted precious time that could have been spent enjoying those cookies I made earlier that sit on the kitchen counter! My hunger would have been satisfied!
Where do I go when I am craving spiritual fulfillment?  Watching sitcoms on TV probably won't fill that craving.  Mindlessly cruising the Internet and buying more "stuff" won't do it either.  I need to focus in on the most likely place to satisfy this craving!  For me, it's spending time in prayer, reading Scripture, and both talking and LISTENING to what God has to say to me.  It's taking the time to be still, be silent, await the nourishment that will satisfy.