Friday, November 25, 2016

Surrender: Five Minute Friday

Sometimes we hear the word "surrender" and think of things like "giving up" "Throwing in the towel" "letting the other guy win".  These are all ideas that reflect a lack of achievement, a loss, failure.  There's really not anything uplifting here is there?
For me, when I think of surrender, I think of freedom.  When I surrender my agenda, my day, my life to the will of God, I am not bound by what might happen.  Plans hardly ever materialize the way we have imagined them.  What I've learned is to give that control to God.  HE alone knows the totality of my days, of my entire life!  When I have surrendered control to Him, instead of stressing about details that are not perfectly in order, I can relax, and look around for the blessings that are about to happen BECAUSE my plan did not come to fruition!
I'm not an expert at this stuff.  I am very much a "Type A" personality.  I plan ahead, I make notes, I get the word out, I think about what order to do things as I lay in bed at night.  BUT, each day I am better at not melting down because the floor didn't get cleaned, or because I forgot to cook the vegetables, or because not everyone could come.  Instead, I am that God has this.