Friday, November 11, 2016

COMMON: 5 Minute Friday

Common.  For me, I think of the words ordinary, unsurprising, plain, many of, not unique..... when I think of "common."  I am common.  I am a mother, a teacher, a musician, a lover, a leader...many others in our world fulfill these same roles, and many much better than I do, I'm sure!  Yet, I know that really, I am NOT common.  Neither are you. 
We are each unique beings. created in God's own image.  Our talents, our vocations, ARE unique to us in the way that we live them out.  We each have been chosen to be EXTRAORDINARY in this world.
Think of the people God has chosen in the past to be EXTRAORDINARY.......COMMON people such as Abraham, David, Moses, Mary, Joseph.....none of these were royalty, they were people just like you and I!  Inasmuch as we all share COMMON experiences in our lives, we are also each so very UNIQUE as an EXTRAORDINARY creation of our God!