Friday, November 4, 2016

A Journey Begins with One Step

Five-Minute Friday:  Journey

We are always on a journey in our so many areas of our life.  The journey isn't always easy, though.  I saw a quote the other day, it was something like this: "Make the boulders in front of you stepping stones to a closer relationship to God."  I know that when my journey has been difficult, hey, agonizing, terrifying, heart-wrenching...not JUST difficult....those are the times when I have grown.  Those are times when I have learned more about who I am and who God is.  Those are times when I have, once again, relinquished my own control to One who is really in control.
I do savor those spans of time in life when things are going smoothly.  No one in the family is in a crisis, we are all getting along, life is good.  However, that is rare!  Especially in a large family such as ours.  Even when I may THINK that life is on a smooth path, there is usually something going on that is causing pain somewhere to someone I love and care about.
I can only put my trust in God to take care of my friends and family, to guide them on their own journeys, to guide me on my journey in this life.  We all long for reaching the same destination, eternal life with Jesus.  Keeping my eyes focused on that makes my journey worthwhile!