Friday, October 28, 2016

Five Minute Friday: EAT

Joining in on "Five Minute Friday" this morning....a community of bloggers joining together to write for 5 minutes each Friday on a one-word prompt given Thursday evening.  Here I go!


Two things come to daily eating habits as well as how I spiritually feed my soul.  Eating is necessary to live a healthy life.  In the past few weeks I've been concentrating on changing some of my eating habits.  Much less sugar, gluten and dairy.  The results have been good.  I've lost weight and I'm feeling good.  Attention and diligence are paying off for me.  I do not give in as much as I used to when I'm confronted with options that are not good for my body.  Not to say that I don't enjoy a piece of birthday cake on a special occasion, but now I'm more mindful of what I'm eating, and make conscious choices, not mindless choices.
Spiritually, when I think of the word eat, Eucharist comes to mind.  The pure joy and total satisfaction when receiving the Eucharist never lessens.  The oneness with Christ, the coming together of a community of Christians for worship, it is at once new each time, yet also a comforting experience that I know I can always count on.  The conscious decision to partake in this sacrament nourishes my spiritual self as well, providing graces to rely upon throughout my days.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Rockin' October!!

We are closing out our first 9-weeks of school at the end of next week!  Can you believe it!!  October is half gone, and at school we are in full "Autumn-Halloween-Veterans Day-" mode.  Here's a quick glimpse of October in the music and technology classrooms at MGS.
Musically speaking, October is a fun fun time! 
Native American Day provided us with the opportunity to hear the Legend of the Flute as well as listen to some traditional flute music and discuss and watch some pow wow dancing.  Many students have been very active in pow wow dancing, and we enjoyed them sharing their talents with the class as they danced for us.  We all learned some basic pow wow dance steps too!
Students are experimenting with spooky movements and sounds, environmental noises, and, as always, practicing keeping the steady beat!  One of the all-time favorites of students is a simple song called "Pass The Pumpkin"  We sing and pass the pumpkin around a circle to the steady beat of the song.  If the pumpkin lands on YOU at the end of the song, you move to the rhythm sticks to play the steady beat!  Another FAVORITE game is "Pass The Witch's Broomstick", especially with the older grades.  This video will give you an idea of the song/game.

Literature comes to life this month as well as we read/sing/act out a variety of stories including, 
"There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly"
"The Monster Mash"
"Pete The Cat: 5 Little Pumpkins"
"Shake Dem Halloween Bones"
"Pumpkin Soup"
"The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything"
"There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat"
"There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves"
"There Was an Old Lady.........." etc. etc.
Jerald holding the Old Lady while classmates
stuffed her with a fly, spider, bird, cat, dog,
sheep, cow and HORSE (She's dead of course!)
As many 3rd grade parents have probably heard,  we have begun to learn how to play recorders!  So far, we have learned B-A-and G!  The students are quick learners and finding out what it means to be a part of an ensemble.  They have found that there is as much listening is involved as there is playing!  Hopefully they will be performing with the 4th graders at the Winter Program in December!
Veterans Day is fast approaching, and the students are looking forward to performing for our Veterans.  Our celebration will be held on Friday, Nov. 11 at 10:00 am at the MGS Activity Center.  Families and friends are invited to attend!
Before this month ends, students WILL be rehearsing selections for their Winter Program, to be held on December 13 for Preschool through 4th graders and on December 5 for grades 5-12.  Both performances will be held at the Activity Center at 7:00 PM.


Students in Technology Classes are immersed in learning new skills and technological terms as well as how to apply them to real life!  Kindergarteners have become proficient in navigation on the computer.  Activities are helping them locate keys on the keyboard as well as perfect their mouse skills.  They have made some scaaaaaary looking pumpkins this month!
Students in grades 1-2 have explored many ways of improving upon their keyboarding skills, and will soon be creating some of their own products with word processing.
Grades 3-4 have been discussing topics such as Internet Privacy, Cyberbullying, and how to safely and effectively do an Internet Search. A favorite way for them to review technology vocab is through the game Kahoot! The game is energizing, fun, and very competitive!

If you have a 5th of 6th grader, as them what a Boolean Operator is! 
 Do you know what it is??
Copyright, plagiarism, fair use, and royalty free music are timely topics we've been exploring.  The history behind these laws and how they impact both industry and personal creativity has been surprising to many students.
Stay Tuned for more next month!