Monday, March 9, 2015

Techie Jeopardy!

Today in technology we are reviewing some of the terms and concepts that we have learned about this year.  I created a Jeopardy game using Jeopardy Rocks.  It's easy to create your own game, with complete freedom to choose categories and create questions.  The students worked in pairs or groups of 3 to play the game.  Some of the concepts we haven't discussed since first quarter, so this was a great time to test their memory!  I heard great conversations as students discussed with each other the possible answers.  Within our 30-minute class, most of the students either completed the game or came very close.  This is a great self-assessment tool for students, AND a lot of fun!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Isn't JUST for Leprechauns!

March is for MUSICIANS!

In the music classroom,  March is MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS MONTH!  We celebrate the privilege of having music education in our school district from PS-12 grades.  

Since 1985, March has been filled with the sound as music in our schools thanks to this month being designated "Music In Our Schools Month." Sponsored by the National Association for Music Education, the event focuses the nation's attention on the need for and the benefits of quality music education programs.

Click to Enlarge!  This is cool stuff!
The benefits of a music education are numerous.  Music improves early cognitive development, math and reading skills.  Critical thinking and leadership skills are enhanced when students study music. Not only does music engage both the left and right brain, but it also builds and strengthens connections between brain cells. Hand-eye coordination is improved when students practice on a musical instrument.  A sense of achievement and pure enjoyment found through music is unique and long-lasting.

Martin Grade School has a tradition of decorating grocery sacks so watch for
some artwork with your purchases in March!  Some classes have started decorating their sacks!  Of course, they all hope that their parents will be given THEIR sack when they check out of the grocery store!  This year we are using Tracy King's Music In Our School Month Pennants on our sacks.  Students are using their writing skills to dialog about music in their lives.  As I watch them write, I had the thought that their writing was a "blog on the go" the grocery sack will travel from school, to the store, and then to a home full of groceries as well as musical thoughts and decorations!

Please check out some more samples of what the students are drawing and writing on their grocery sacks just......

Students and educators appreciate the support they receive from their families year-round!  Thank you for supporting the arts in your child’s school by attending concerts, encouraging him/her to practice an instrument and sing in the choir!