Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning Through Music and Art: Doug Goodkin

My good friend Lise Ullman, a music educator in California, shared in her blog Every Child Needs Music, the collaboration between herself and Doug Goodkin to produce a TEDx video - 2 years ago now.  What Doug said then is still true now, and I thought it was worth sharing!  (also check out Doug's blog, Confessions of a Traveling Music Teacher!)

What stuck with me most was the notion of giving children that inner discipline that is developed through music.  Not only that, but they begin to sense who they really are in context with this world.  They are not wandering aimlessly anymore, but develop that feeling of value, and positive contributions to the world around them.

Click the photo below to go directly to Lise's blog, and think about what YOU can do to be an advocate for music education in your community!