Sunday, March 23, 2014

You Are The Only One

Is Jesus your compass in life?  I believe that each person wants to be happy.  No one likes to be miserable, lost, rejected.  What/who guides your life?  Does your life show the fruits that come from a relationship with Jesus?  

 Jesus is truly the only one we can count on to be there for us ALWAYS!   He is everything to us!  You Are The Only One was written by Casting Crowns.  It's part of their new album THRIVE, released the end of January, 2014. Here's their own description of the album:
  THRIVE, the brand new studio record from Casting Crowns, is packed with the band's signature style of songs about real life that redefine our identity in Christ, pointing us to our purpose from Him so that we may carry it out through Him. It's time for us to more than survive. We were made to THRIVE!.  

Consider taking the THRIVE CHALLENGE by Casting Crowns!  Each month, 1 songs will be featured from the THRIVE album.  Mark Hall speaks in 3 accompanying videos, teaching the meaning behind the song, scripture references, lyrics and thoughts from the band.  This is a great way to re-focus your life to dig in and reach out.  Go HERE to begin!
You can find the THRIVE album on Spotify and iTunes!