Saturday, February 8, 2014


As you reflect about how you (and I) are salt and light to the world around us, listen to this selection by Jami Smith.  Salt and Light was released in 2002.  Her latest album, Verse, features songs derived entirely from Scripture.   Jami grew up in a small town in Oklahoma, and has been called to travel the country, serving as worship leader.  Her passion is to use her gift of music to help people connect with the Lord.

Salt and Light by Jami Smith
You make me want to be like You
Your holiness I will pursue 
I want the heart of Jesus 
Show me the meaning of Your grace 
I want to give the world a taste 
Of the love of Jesus 
Make me salt 
Make me light 
Let Your holy fire ignite 
Reveal Your glory in my life 
I am not ashamed 
To lift up Your holy name 
Make me salt 
Make me light 
Set me as a city on a hill 
A lamp on a stand 
Mold me in Your image 
The work of Your hand