Monday, January 20, 2014


Grades 3-4-5 have begun learning the ins and outs of blogging this semester.  This is an exciting time for them!  They are learning about blogging etiquette and applying it to their own classroom blog.  Grade 6 was blogging last year, so they are continuing on the journey of being even better bloggers!

Blogging and social networking have become huge forums for discussions and the sharing of knowledge. As I work to prepare your child for their future, I want to give them as many authentic writing experiences as possible.

Each classroom blog is totally private to the students and teachers in that particular classroom.  These blogs are NOT public.  Their classroom teachers, Miss Amie, and myself are the only people who can see the blog besides the students themselves.

Kidblog (at is designed specifically for teachers and students, and is completely secure.  I have set up a class network of blogs, where each child has their own, and they are all connected through me. In this way, we can communicate amongst each other, but our work will not be visible or accessible to the public at large. Your child has their own specific password, which will give them access to edit their own blog, as well as the ability to comment on other studentsʼ blogs. However, each and every post and comment will come to me first for approval. In this way I can monitor the conversations and ensure that everything is positive and appropriate.

Ask your student to show you our classroom blog!  They can access it simply by going to or you can also find it through my wiki page at  Students really LOVE to blog!!