Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christ is King!

Today is the Feast of Christ the King.  The closing of a liturgical year, with the anticipation of the beginning of a new one with Advent next weekend.  Christ's throne was not like the thrones of kings here on earth.  His throne was the cross.  The power of that cross still envelopes our hearts and minds over 2000 years later.  The power of love, forgiveness, peace, hope.  

Do I make Christ the KING in my own life?  Do I take the time to stop and consider if my actions are those that would honor Him?  As I live my life, and as we enter into this season of Advent next week, I hope to set aside purposeful time to consider these things, to pray about them, to put the POWER of the cross into action.

This song was written in 1982 by Wendy Crowther.  It's performed by Ingrid DuMosch and Scott Shallenberger.  It's very prayerful.  You can find more of Ingrid's music on Spotify as well.