Monday, September 9, 2013

The "new vinyl"

33⅓ LP vinyl record albumRemember vinyl records?  Vinyl records were popular back in the 1950s to 1990s.  In 1930 RCA Victor launched the first commercially-available LP.  These were designed for playback at 33 1/2 rpm, pressed on a 12" flexible plastic disc.

Yuri Suzuki has developed a 3-dimensional LP called The Sound of the Earth.  He has traveled the world, recording music from around the world.  His invention takes the form of a glossy black globe.  A button is pressed, and Viola!  The orb begins to spin.  A stylus runs logitudinally down the side of the globe, tracking a continuous groove spiraling around the circumference from pole to pole.  What you hear is a mashup of Suzuki's field recordings form his travels as well as fragments of national anthems and folk music from around th world.  The resulting sound is pretty disjointed.  Probably not something I would list on my Top 20 favorites!

Suzuki is quite prolific with his creativity!  Take a look at some of his products on his website!