Thursday, September 12, 2013


Music was "hands-on" this week.  Classes measured how big the original Star-Spangled Banner was that inspired Francis Scott Key to write his poem "In Defense of Ft. McHenry".  We borrowed a measuring wheel, and headed outside!  It was a beautiful cool day, so we enjoyed that as well!  Students held crepe paper as we measured out the 30' x 42' rectangle.  Most students were surprised at how big it was.  We estimated how many students might fit inside that rectangle (perhaps 200 if they were all kindergarteners!), we discussed the reasons why it was made so large, and we were in awe at the tireless effort put in by flag maker Mary Pickersgill as she, along with family and nearby neighbors, sewed the flag by hand in only 6 weeks!  This Saturday, September 14, is the anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing of the poem "In Defense of Ft. McHenry", later to become the Star-Spangled Banner. Students will celebrate together by singing our National Anthem as a school Monday morning, September 16.
2nd Graders measuring the area of the Star-Spangled Banner