Friday, July 19, 2013


Coca-Cola has a pretty cool new ad campaign...what first drew me there was THIS VIDEO. where Kurt Hugo Schneider made back-up music using coke cans, bottles etc.  Pretty cool!


  After you've listed to this cool piece, go to "menu" at the bottom, and on each letter of AHHHHHHHH you will find games,videos and even the Coke version of the Can Can!  Cats in Boxes is pretty cute too!  30 different things to check out.  This was created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland. (check out their site too, some interesting things there!)   Coke actually has 61 different url's that are some kind of version of AHHHHH, their new slogan.

The site is aimed at teens, so these little snippets are short and sweet.  Every two weeks the company will review the traffic for each URL, and replace those that don't receive many visitors.  I'm not a big fan of Coke, but this site will occupy your time for awhile!  

Also, check out Kurt's cover of CUPS for Pitch Perfect! He also has a YouTube Channel that you can subscribe to.