Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Brain....on wifi!

How often during your day do you check email?  Face Book?   Text?  For many of us, the answer is OFTEN!  Will a beep on your phone take you away from what you are doing to check out what's going on?  Do you take time during your day to chill.  Turn off the electronics?  Chat with your family and friends and really look into their eyes and listen?  I am as guilty as anyone about "multi-tasking."  Sometimes I will be checking email and realize that I don't even remember what my husband just said!  I myself need to daily stop, slow down, immerse my energy into a specific project/person/thought/prayer.

This video by Epipheo  is an interview with Nicholas Carr, the author of "The Shallows:  What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains".  Learn about how our long-term memory is affected when we are constantly absorbing small bits of information and not digging deeper.  Our creativity, our ideas, our thought process is all affected.  What do you think about his theory?