Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Giraffes Can't Dance!

Inspired by a fellow music educator, I got out one of my favorite books.  Last week, Kindergarten music students read the book, Giraffes Can't Dance by Andreae, Giles and Illustrator Parker-Rees, Guy.  It is a story about Gerald, a giraffe who is made fun of at the annual jungle dance because he is not a very good dancer.  He comes to find out that there is someone who DOES believe in him!  "Everything makes music", says the cricket, "if you really want it to".  From then on, Gerald listens, and hears his OWN music and gracefully, beautifully dances!   

After we read the story, we discusses what kind of musical things WE wanted to become better at.  Responses included, singing, dancing, playing a variety of instruments, which included LOTS of drums and guitars!  Not everyone is good at a special skill right away!  Sometimes it takes time to get better and learn.  

Here is a video of the book in musical form!  We will be watching this video this week.

Coming tomorrow....the students use their artistic skills to portray Gerald and his story!