Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Vintage Social Networking

Have you asked your child if they know what a LP record is?  Are you ready for the blank stare?  How about a cassette tape or a Rolodex?  Our ways of connecting to others have transformed our world.  I know that I will first text a person if I have a quick question instead of calling them on the phone. I've known of instances of couples breaking up via txt messages!  I don't know that I would go for that!   All of my contacts are found on my phone or computer, not in an address book or Rolodex. Heck my elementary kiddos are always surprised to learn that floppy disks used to be "big"!  A whopping 5 or 3 inches!  They are familiar with USB flash drives as as quick portable device for transporting files. Storage on the cloud is most common.

My phone is not JUST for calling people any more!  I can check my bank balance, play games, take photos, take videos, surf the net, text my friend, check in with Facebook or Foursquare, check the weather, record my WW points, listen to music, set my alarm, edit my photos, leave a tweet, check in and download my board pass for my flight at the airport, transfer money with Pay Pal, create an art project, read the newspaper, take notes at a meeting, talk face to face with  my grandkids, watch a Netflix movie, shop Ebay or Amazon, make a grocery list using my store's app with their specials, well, the list goes on and on.  In fact, I would say that the "phone calling" option of my phone is probably the "app" that I use the least!!

The world is a changing!  I wonder what our children are using now in their technological world will be obsolete when they are adults?!

John Atkinson in his blog Wrong Hands had a cute depiction of  comparing things that us "Old people" might remember as being part of our everyday life at one time.

And this one is cute (but so real!) also, from Shoebox Blog.