Saturday, April 27, 2013

They are on WHAT????

QR codes are found on shirts, McDonalds wrappers, DQ cups, Ketchup bottles,  bank windows, and magazine ads and some even have them tattooed on their body!  An article from the NY Times in September of 2011 contained some interesting QR photos, some of which were from the "Talk to Me" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.  Take a look! My favorite is the building in Tokyo!  For more information on each of the photos, refer to the NY Times article.

A smartphone user can scan the QR code on a Skanz bracelet and see select personal information.
Alexander Reeder
A still photo from a video of a code on a Tokyo building, part of the “Talk to Me” exhibition at MoMA (scanning the code at the building provided information and allowed interaction with occupants).
Miquel Benitez/WireImage
A Frans Baviera dress with a code on the bodice.
A code used to facilitate donations to the Red Cross in Japan.
A cookie with a QR code in frosting was given out during a Fashion's Night Out event at the Tiffany & Company store.