Friday, April 12, 2013

The Technology of TOUCH!

Haptography (Haptic Photography)
HAPTOGRAPHY (Haptic Photography)
Haptography, like photography in the visual domain, enables an individual to quickly record the haptic feel of a real object and reproduce it later for others to interact with in a variety of contexts. (

Imagine being able to feel the fiber of a fabric, the smoothness of the keys of a piano, the fragility of a blood vessel, the terrain of a video game - all imported directly into virtual objects, felt through your digital screen.  Think about how often you use your sense of touch as you go throughout your day.  The sensations, the reactions of our body to what we feel.  Katherine Kuchenbecker has been exploring this science, along with other researchers, for several years now.  In this TED-ed lesson, she shares about the field of haptics.  How would it change your world?  Would it change the way music lessons were given?  Would it change your shopping habits?  It's fascinating to think about!
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