Monday, April 22, 2013

Got Coffee??

Today I'm attending the TIE Conference in Rapid City.  It's always fun for me to attend conferences, see people who I don't get to see in person except for these conferences, and to make new connections! Networking is amazing!  Sometimes I am overwhelmed at the amount of do I try all of these new things???  

When I feel overwhelmed with new information, a strategy that I've used is to pick one or two goals say for the next school year.  I will incorporate them into my classroom, personal life, wherever it applies.  I focus on these goals daily, striving to learn, explore, share.  If I try to do too many "new" things, especially in my classroom, I find that I don't have time to do any of them very well.  When I focus on one or two "new" things for a period of time, I tend to do a better job of going "deeper".  I find this is true in my personal life as well.  Focusing on creating one or two new habits, or creating one or two new things, will probably result in feelings of accomplishment - not feelings of failure! 

In technology this year, I focused on blogging with several classes (new), and it has been a WONDERFUL experience!  We have also focused on creating with the iPad.  These are in addition to other items already in place in our curriculum.  I hope to get some ideas (already have some!) of what I'll be trying out next year!  I have also maintained my goal this school year of blogging each and every day!

Yesterday I presented an in-depth session entitled, "Pinterest IS for Educators!".  I had a great time exploring and gathering information for the session.  Pinterest isn't JUST for recipes and clothes! Educators can use Pinterest to collaborate with each other, create student projects, even to publish their online curriculum vitae, commonly referred to as CV.  It is a longer (two or more pages), more detailed synopsis than a resume. While you can use the social networking site to showcase your work, why not take it one step further and get into details about your skills, your education, where you went to university, what special skills you possess, what languages you speak, where your online profiles are, and more. You can create a visually interesting professional profile that, if you’re applying for a creative job, will definitely help you stand out in the crowd.

If you are not an educator, use your imagination with Pinterest.  Think outside the box.  Incorporate Pinterest in the decision-making, creative, or assessment areas of business or other professions.

The nuts and bolts of my presentation can be found here if you are interested!  (the cup represents my coffee cup, which is usually beside me as I pin away!)