Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ed who??

During the TIE Conference, we have been using Edmodo to connect with each other, as well as a place for presenters to store their presentation material and other information to share.  I had heard of Edmodo before, but never really explored it very much.  I'm learning how to use it this week, as well as contemplating ways that I might use it in my classroom.

The format of Edmodo is very similar to that of Facebook.  This alone makes it appealing to students!  It's like Facebook for education in a way.  Besides communication between students and educators, Edmodo can be used for assessments, assignments, alerts, and polls to name a few.  Edmodo also has apps.  Some of these are free, others are purchased.  There are LOTS of apps.  These are great ways to engage your students with games and interactives, content creation tools as well as classroom management tools.  They are easy to install.  One thing I noticed yesterday, was that some of them seemed to not work on the iPad.  That is something I'll have to check out further.

I will be spending some time this summer exploring how to use Edmodo.  I think it is worth a try!  Here are a few sites to look at to get an idea of what Edmodo can do for your classroom: