Monday, April 8, 2013

Drum Cam

This ia pretty cool.  Drumline from the perspective of the drums!  This video is a rehearsal of the  Boston Crusaders rehearsal before Drum Corps International in Houston last year.

According to their website, Drum Corps International (DCI) began more than 3 decades ago.  It has developed into a powerful, nonprofit, global youth activity with far-reaching artistic, educational and organizational influence.
  • Active participants in U.S.-based drum and bugle corps hail from more than 15 countries
  • The annual Drum Corps International Tour is made up of more than 100 events throughout North America
  • Each summer, some 400,000 fans attend live drum corps events
  • Explore more about this group at the DCI page!

    You can see the entire playlist of these videos here:  DCI Drum Cam.