Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf is a favorite Sergei Prokofiev score, written in 1936.  This classic Russian folktale captures the personality of each character in the orchestral instrumentation.  Kindergarteners and First Graders are viewing this performance and learning about the instruments of the orchestra.  There are several versions that are available - Jim Gamble's puppet show is always a favorite, as well as the Russian film by Susie Templeton (available on Netflix!)  We watch and compare/contrast the two versions.  Another version that is excellent is this one, by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  Conductor Bramwell Tovey also serves as the narrator in this performance.  He is EXCELLENT!!  Besides being thoroughly entertained with the narration and music, what I find so wonderful is that we can see precisely the instruments playing as the story progresses.  Enjoy!  Does this bring back some childhood memories for anyone?