Friday, November 2, 2012

Diego Stocco: Custom Built Orchestra

Ever wonder what to do with those old, broken instruments in your attic? Throw them away? Donate them to the school? Use as garden decor? Well, composer and instrument maker Diego Stocco has the answer! Diego modifies existing instruments and creates new ones to produce unique sounds and audio dynamics. Combined, there is a creation of a unique and original musical composition.

This video is a one-man show of sorts. He shot himself playing each of the instruments individually and then made a composite to showcase his orchestra of unique sounds - both aurally and visually.

Stocco's creativity and ingenuity should be an inspiration to us all - what we may classify as "junk" may actually be "jewels" of music! What do you have that you might create music with?

Check out his blog to keep up with his innovative musical creations!

Custom Built Orchestra