Saturday, October 20, 2012

Social Media for Educators

There's lots of discussion in classrooms, teachers' lounges, Facebook, about the validity of educators "friending" students on social media.  There seems to be a lot of fear out there, especially among administrators, that educators will either accidentally or purposefully use this form of communication with parents and students in an unethical manner.  My view is that if a person, educator or not, does not have ethical core values, their behavior will show that, social media notwithstanding.  Preventing educators from using social medial with their students will not prevent them from choosing to behave inappropriately.

Social media is the way our students communicate with each other!  If we want to be part of their conversation, this is where we need to be as parents, educators, mentors.   Here are some great examples of how educators can property, incorporate social media into their classrooms:

A Teacher’s Guide to Social Media