Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bolivia's 7-year-old Jazz Sensation!

His name is Jose Andre Montano Baina.  He is 7 years old - and blind.  However, "dis"ability is not in this child's vocabulary!   He has already performed in the Legislative Palace and alongside famous musicians like Bolivian rocker Glen Vargas.
The young musician began to show signs of his talent at the tender age of four when he started playing the drums with skill usually displayed by artists three times his age. After mastering them, he quickly moved on to the piano and by the age of five had formed a jazz trio!

Jazz is not Jose's only love.  His musical taste is eclectic.  Blues, heavy metal, tango are among his favorites.
His father believes the young boy is just born with a 'music' chip inside him!
Beyond his music, Jose leads a typical life of any child...he goes to school, has homework and even has chores!  Enjoy his performance below!