Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pinterest....for teachers??

YES! Pinterest for Teachers! I think that what I like most about Pinterest is that it is visual and creative. I can quickly scan one of my "boards" to find what I am looking for. And it's aesthetically pleasing! I love the colors that I have captured for example on my Butterfly Board, or my Garden and Outdoors board. But more importantly, I have a collection of ideas, sorted and categorized the way that I want them to be, the way that is most useful to me!

I have found ideas for lesson plans, whole brain teaching, technology in the music classroom, ideas for classroom arrangement, organization, and classroom decorating. Pinterest is a great way to connect with others who might not be connected with you on Facebook (although many are!).

Have you ever considered using Pinterest for a student project? What a great, creative way for student groups to collaborate!

Of course, my Pinterest boards are not TOTALLY education oriented! Butterflies, cooking, gardening, photography, beauty, and holidays are a few of the other boards that I have created.

You can choose to "follow" another "pinner" - either by specific board or all of their boards if you like! And others WILL follow you too! Here's a great page on Karen Cox's Pre-Kinders blog that will give you more detailed information if you are brand new to Pinterest. Check it out!

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, there's a button just to the right of this post for you to click! I hope you do! The graphic below will give you more ideas on how teachers collaborate in a Creative way through Pinterest!

Pinterest is now the third most-visited social network, Google is No. 4, and Instagram is No. 11, in the markets Experian measures — which are North America, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.K.

A year ago, Pinterest was No. 188, Google was No. 56 and Instagram was No. 609.

16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest
From: Online Universities Blog