Wednesday, September 5, 2012


“Words are the pen of the heart, but music is the pen of the soul.”

― Shneur Zalman

Today the MGS Kindergarten students will begin a curriculum entitled, "ABC Music & Me" Students who were in Mrs. Witt's preschool were introduced to this program already! We have used ABC Music & Me at MGS for several years now, and the children love it!

ABC Music & Me is a research-based early childhood curriculum that uses bundled, thematic
30-minute lessons to help young children learn important language, listening, and social skills. This program was created by Kindermusik International. Through songs, rhymes, stories, and activities, this program:

**Improves early language development, pre-literacy, and word recognition
**Strengthens fine-motor, gross-motor, and locomotor skills
**Cultivates sharing, self-regulation, and self-control
**Develops the whole child

If you have a Kindergarten student in your home, ask them about it!