Monday, August 27, 2012

Star Assessments This Week!

This week, we will be giving Star Enterprise Assessments to students in Grades 1-6. Subject areas covered in these assessments are Reading and Math. Since each classroom has technology class in the lab twice a week, assessments are giving during this time period.

STAR Enterprise assessments adjust to each student’s unique responses, pinpointing student achievement levels quickly and efficiently. Using a very large student-response database, Renaissance Learning develops accurate predictive statistics, alignments to state and Common Core standards, measure student growth, and learning progressions for detailed instructional planning guidance.

These assessments are taking 3 times during the school the beginning, middle and end. We hope to more accurately gauge growth by comparing student progress relative to students of similar achievement levels. STAR Assessments’ Student Growth Percentiles are viewable by district, school, grade, or class. In addition to Student Growth Percentiles, the Growth Report displays other key growth indicators such as grade equivalency, percentile rank, and instructional reading level.

Using information from these assessments, school administrators and teachers can better identify best practices that are having a significant educational impact on student growth. These tests are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and state-specific standards so teachers can assess standards mastery in order to help identify students at risk, and thereby intervene early.

For more detailed information on what your child's Star Assessment is all about check out the Parent's Guide to Star Assessments.