Saturday, August 18, 2012

Social Media Saving Lives - Two Words At A Time

"The biggest fear we face in the world today is the fear of being insignificant." ~ Angela Maiers

Please read this post by Jure Klepic. PLEASE read, understand, and watch. The author has been to the point of contemplating suicide. He did not feel that he mattered to anyone - his community, his family, himself. That is, until he heard Angela Maiers TEDX Talk about the YOU MATTER Manifesto.

As a teacher, as a parent, as a colleague at work, we need to affirm to those in our life that "YOU MATTER." Through technology, social networking, we are connected to hundred, thousands of people each day. Yet, it is the TOUCH, the VOICE, the LOOK of another individual that tells me that I MATTER. A post of Facebook does not fully communicate to another how important they are to me, to our family, to our community.

Take notice of the person beside you in line at the grocery store, the child asking you to read a book, the church member who is sitting alone....tell them "YOU MATTER"!! Make a difference.

As well as reading and viewing the video by Jure Klepic, I encourage you to check out the YOU MATTER Manifesto by Angela Maiers.