Monday, September 5, 2011

Musical Monday....Let's Keep the Beat!

Kindergarten and First Graders are talking about THE BEAT! The BEAT is so SWEET! We can all feel the beat in our bodies...our pulse! It's steady, it keeps going...and going...and going! We talked about places in our lives that we can hear a steady beat such as a ticking clock or a dripping faucet. We can keep the pulse, or the beat on by tapping parts of our bodies as we listen to music. We can also use musical instruments to keep the beat.

Then there is something called RHYTHM. Rhythm is a combination of long and short sounds and silences. Rhythm is "the way the words go." The rhythm of a piece of music is not usually the same for the whole piece. It changes, it is what makes music interesting! The rhythm of the music is what makes you want to get up and dance!! We can show the rhythm in the same kinds of ways that we show the beat...with our bodies and with instruments.