Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Social's here to stay!

If you know me at all, you know that I am REALLY into social networking. I network with other music and technology educators, I network with friends, I network to get information about personal interests and hobbies. I follow blogs, I follow news feeds, I follow the weather! So much of how I keep in touch with friends and family is primarily through social networking. I do write traditional letters, and make traditional phone calls, but only out of necessity. My first choice is always to send a message on Facebook or to text someone. I am able to keep up with the lives of my friends and family in ways that I couldn't do otherwise. I LOVE IT!

I also post about my own life, and I think sometimes even have some good iI encourage you to take a look at this infographic shared by Search Engine Journal which illustrates the phenomenal growth of social networking.

As educators, we are just now learning how to integrate these networking tools into our classrooms in valuable, real time, ways. This is where our students are at. This is their language. If education is going to make sense to them and be transferable to their lives, then we need to stop being afraid of new technology and instead embrace it, learn about it, and USE IT! Have a great Thursday!